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Inclusion, decent opportunities for all learners regardless of circumstances, making the best of the talent our young people embody... these have been elusive targets for education systems. Back in 1997 I proposed that we used new technology, on-line communities and a new organisational structure to help attain those targets and unlock the unrealised talents of so many... and we got started in 1998.

I'm very proud to have created and nurtured the project for more than 11 years from 1998 - 2009. Today, after more than a decade I have parted from chairing the charitable Trust that then ran it - for a while they went off on a very different path philosophically to me, I'm afraid, and I knew that there were better ways to impact on Inclusion today. However, the charity passed once again into new hands, good folk - but has now reached the end of its life, and finally closed.

But this document narrates the birth of the project - there is much still to learn from those pioneering early years.

As founder of, I am hugely aware of the many who, in the early days, put their careers and their commitment on the line to make this apparently maverick project fly: ministers, civil servants, LEA officlals, the many on-line workers, my own team, alumnii, and parents.. The thousands of children whose lives have been changed by are a testament to their faith that this was worth doing, worth supporting. This brief history of the early days pays them back, a little, for their faith and braveness.

origins | first diagram | vocabulary | early heroes | the future | informal exclusion

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